Maintenance Programs

1-year seasonal maintenance programs only $10 per month per unit

Our one year service plus programs will save you time and money by avoiding costly and time consuming repairs and multiple break downs each season.

Benefits of having regular maintenance:

  • Energy Savings – Independent studies show you will recover the money spent on service plus plans on utility savings alone.
  • Helps prevent problems – Before they become costly repairs.
  • Equipment Longevity – Increase the life of the system as well as the return on your investment.
  • No over time charges – With one year service plus programs.
  • 10% off – All products and services with one year service plus program.
  • 5% off new unit installation with one year service plus program.
  • Transferable – Remaining one year service plus programs can be transferred from one homeowner to another or from one property to another.

Heating & Cooling Units

We have highly trained and experienced technicians standing by to troubleshoot and accommodate all your HVAC needs. So, rest assured that we have the knowledge to service even the toughest units.


Refrigeration Systems/Ice Machine

ice machine

We also have a skilled set of workers who are knowledgeable about any type of HVAC/R system you have.

Indoor Air Quality Products

With you and your loved ones in mind, we’ve started offering different products to help with your home’s air quality such as entire home hypo allergenic air filters that remove 99.7% of dust and pollen from the air inside your home along with ultraviolet lights that kill and eradicate mold and mildew spores in the air and inside air handler unit. Please call for details and pricing.

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